Executive Chairman's Message
Paul Casos, Executive Chairman, Ipswich Events

Paul Casos

The 2018 Ipswich Festival will mark my final year as the Executive Chairman of the Ipswich Events Corporation. After 25 years it is time for me to stand aside and make room for the next generation. It has been an absolute privilege to have served the City for this time leading a Board of volunteer directors with the driving commitment of giving back to the community.

This year's Festival is produced for the first time by Joanne Hadnutt, a second generation Ipswich Festival Producer. Joanne's father Terry, established the Ipswich Festival during his 13 years with the company, followed by Lowana Moxham, who further extended the city's iconic event by putting her own style and brand towards its delivery.

Joanne has introduced a number of new events for 2018 including 'Ride On - Celebration of Cycling' based at the new Ipswich Cycle Park complex off Briggs Road at Raceview. This event features five separate cycling activities which compliment the traditional Festival program of the magical Parade of Light, Heritage Bank Street Party featuring the eighties dance band, Mental as Anything, along with an exhibition of inspiring and renowned artists of the Ipswich Art Awards.

Each year, we expand the program content with new community events and activities as the Festival generates support from an ever increasing cross section of churches, sporting and social clubs as well as the arts.

With events from Tivoli to Blackstone, from Willowbank to Pine Mountain the festival footprint reflects the diversity of the City in both culture and special interests.

I implore you to review our extensive program and take the time to visit many of the events on offer in celebration of the 2018 Ipswich Festival.

Paul Casos
Executive Chairman

Ipswich Events Corporation