The City of Ipswich is one of the fastest growing regions in south East Queensland, with a population base of around 180 000 and geographically positioned within half an hour's drive from Brisbane City.

The Ipswich Festival is the region's premier event, held annually in May, showcasing nationally acclaimed artists, emerging local talents from specialised community interest groups to diverse arts cultures. The festival ignites a bold relationship between Ipswich's cultural heritage and talent with a rich program of innovative, artistic and traditional inspired events to encourage participation by all ages.

The festival is a testament to leading community organisations and artists who shape their events to align with the ethos of the festival. The Ipswich Festival incorporates a range of free-on-entry community based and special interest events, a street parade of lights, public celebration, fireworks, exhibitions, artistic presentations including public art and theatre.

The Ipswich Festival is a region-specific and relevant offer of unique cultural and artistic programs that drive the enthusiasm and interest of corporate and media partnerships.

The Ipswich Festival partnership benefits program delivers unmatched corporate networking opportunities, brand alignment and community engagement initiatives to strengthen your corporate position with the wider community.

We invite your company to share in the success of the Ipswich Festival.

To be part of the celebration and partner the Ipswich Festival, please contact the office of the Ipswich Events Corporation to discuss your Benefit Program.

Contact: Jacqui Thomas - Business Manager
Tel: 07 3812 2974
Fax: 07 3812 0034