Road Closures

Saturday 14 April
3pm - 9pm Creative Kidz - d'Arcy Doyle Place and Brisbane Street
7pm - 8pm Parade of Light - Brisbane Street
7pm - 9pm Heritage Bank Street Concert - d'Arcy Doyle Place and Top of Town
8pm - 9pm Honk! - Brisbane Street - Top of Town

Shoulder Closure 6am - 3pm
Darling St East (Waghorn St to Ellenborough St)
Ellenborough St (Darling St East to Bremer St)

Full Road Closure 11am - 11pm
Ellenborough Street (Limestone St to Brisbane Street)
Ellenborough Street (Darling St to Brisbane Street)
Brisbane Street (Ellenborough Street to Bell Street)

Full Road Closures 3pm - 11pm
Ellenborough St (Brisbane St to Bremer Parade)
Waghorn St (Darling St East to Brisbane St)
Brisbane St (Burnett St to Bell St)
Darling Street (Waghorn Street - Ellenborough Street)

Full Road Closure 7pm - 8.30pm
Bell St
Bremer St (Bell St to Ellenborough St)

Lane Closure 7pm - 8.30pm
Mansfield Place